Enrich Concierge

24/7 Concierge Services at Your Fingertips

The Enrich Concierge is an all-inclusive app that provides a personal touch of a concierge in a user-friendly digital form. Accessible on any device, at any time, the app offers you worry-free home ownership through instant access to various services and information. Have a question or need help? Virtually any request you might have will be fulfilled quickly and efficiently through the use of the app.

Here’s how Enrich Concierge improves your home ownership experience:

All maintenance work arranged for you by the concierge team

  • Workmanship guaranteed with Builder’s team of trades, saving you time looking for contractors
  • 2 year work guarantee

Hotel amenities in your home

  • House keeping
  • Landscaping services
  • Dry cleaning services
  • Fresh produce delivery

Home monitoring services

  • No charge mail pickup
  • Home security system monitoring

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